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A. You are being asked to log in so that you can save your preferences to view them later. Also, you need to log in to be able to select a house in a project, schedule site visits, negotiate & finalize deals, and make payments etc.

A. The latest status of the project is displayed in the microsite for the project. Zaasna evaluates all the projects for their progress on regular basis.

A. Yes. However, you would do this with the full knowledge of the fact that you are choosing to give up the core benefits of platform including industry best RERA benchmarked agreements and timely money back guarantee in case you wish to abort the transaction mid-way any time before signing up the agreements. Also, we will bring you best available price for the project.

A. Zaasna welcomes you to negotiate and book on behalf of your family or friends. However, they shall be final signatories to the final physical set of documents such as the Booking Form and Sales Agreement.

Zaasna Services

A. Yes, after successful negotiations, You (Buyer) will be required to sign a physical copy of the Allotment Letter and Sale Agreement too. The Zaasna platform shall generate eDocuments which will then have to be physically signed and franked.

A. All projects on the Zaasna platform are already curated before they are offered to the buyers online. Title verification is not mandatory. It is entirely the buyer's choice! However, it is a good practice to verify the legal titles in general for the property you wish to buy to ensure that there is no litigation or any other legal encumbrance with regard to that property and also to get latest Encumbrance Certifications (EC) for the desired property.
Zaasna shall provide online legal due diligence services in a short course of time.

A. All the projects listed on Zaasna are curated. Every project on Zaasna has all statutory NOCs, Approvals and are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

A. Zaasna is an e-Commerce marketplace for real estate projects where Developers sell their properties and buyers buys the same. Zaasna is just a facilitator of transactions which are entered into between the buyer and the seller. Zaasna does not stand guarantee to timely delivery of any project listed on the portal. Zaasna, however, does make the entire process transparent by providing all the required information to the buyer.

A. Zaasna is developing a grievance reporting, communication and redressal mechanism where a buyer can register an issue, which the Developer can respond to and resolve.

A. Zaasna promises to match the best price obtained by a buyer offline. A prerequisite to this shall be a documented proof from the Developer indicating the "said" price.

A. Zaasna is a neutral platform and gives the buyer all available options. Based on their requirements, buyers can select the bank for their home loans.

A. Zaasna maintains the records of all transactions / interactions on the platform and the same are there in the buyer's dashboard to view anytime they wish to. You would have secure access to 'My Transaction' section with your credentials.

A. Yes. Zaasna maintains all the documents on the platform and the same are there in the buyer's dashboard to view anytime they wish to.

A. No. Zaasna doesn't charge brokerage to the buyer.

A. You can see the details regarding your booking on your dashboard post login in "My Actions" section. You can see your personal details in Profile section and transaction details in "My Transaction" section.

A. Zaasna facilitates your journey of buying your dream house by searching, shortlisting, comparing, negotiating a deal directly with Developer and also in signing the 'Booking form', 'Allotment Letter' and 'Sale Agreement', Online. In due course of time, we shall also assist you with the legal due diligence, home loan approval and other services for home ownership.

A. You can request to visit a project from 'Schedule Visit' section on the portal. If you are a Non Resident buyer , you can avail of this facility through your family / friend to visit on your behalf.

A. Zaasna facilitates multiple site visits to finalize your property. This is not a payable service, subject to maximum 2 visit to the same project.

A. You can see your transactions in 'My Transaction' section after logging into the Zaasna platform. This will show you all previous transactions done by you as well as your wallet amount.

A. Your booking is confirmed after you have filled your Booking Form and paid the Booking Amount. You can see your digitally signed Booking Form, from 'My Documents' sections. Also, the 'My Actions' section will continuously record the steps of the home buying journey you would have traversed from.

A. You can cancel your booking from 'My Actions' section after login to Zaasna Platform.


A. Your money remains in a nodal account with the bank until You (Buyer) have signed the Sale Agreement. Post signing, the money gets transferred to the Developer. This ensures that you as a Buyer have complete control on all your transactions.

A. You can cancel your booking at any point of time on Zaasna before signing the Sale Agreement. In case you do so, your amount shall be refunded that you have paid till that stage of transaction subject to the terms and conditions for that specific Developer. Also, please note that Deal Desk Fee (₹10,000) would not be refundable at this stage.

A. Zaasna is modeled on the same principles like all other e-commerce marketplaces and follows the norms laid out by the Reserve Bank of India. As per RBI, all payments received by any marketplace need to remain in a nodal account till the goods / services are delivered to the buyer. This mechanism gives the buyer control on the transaction and the buyer can cancel the transaction mid-way and receive their refunds without any questions being asked. This is the reason why the Buyer pays into Zaasna's nodal account. With this mechanism, Zaasna guarantees a timely refund to the Buyer if they end up cancelling a transaction on Zaasna. With payments into the Developer's account, the Buyer loses the ability to cancel the transaction mid-way and receive their refunds in a timely manner.

A. Yes. Zaasna can arrange for a cheque pick-up in special cases.

A. You may choose to abort the process and request for a refund.

A. The initial deposit gets refunded in case you wish to abort the transaction or 30 days from the date of start of negotiation, whichever is earlier.

A. Zaasna does not charge for the registrations. However, we do have fee to access the Deal Desk and for campaigns on Zaasna First.

A. You can keep your Deal Desk fee (initial deposit) up to 30 days of negotiation. Post that it will get refunded, in case you do not proceed for any negotiations.

A. If for any reason, you should cancel a deal after accepting an offer, you can get the refund for any payment made by you except for the initial fee (of ₹ 10,000) given for negotiating the deal. Please note that this fee changes with time.

A. Refund takes 7 to 15 business days to reflect in your account.

A. Yes, it is absolutely safe to use your card on Zaasna.com. A recent directive from RBI makes it mandatory to have an additional authentication pass code verified by VISA (VBV) or MSC (Master Secure Code) which has to be entered by online shoppers while paying online using visa or master credit card. It's an additional measure taken in making online shopping safer.

A. Buyer gets 30 days timeframe to make payments and close and enter into 'Sale Agreement'. However, if you make payment faster this can be facilitated earlier as well.
Milestone Timeframe* Amount Additional Details
Booking Form 1-2 Days Fixed Fee (Varies with projects and as per the guidance of Developers)
  • Payment for Booking amount
  • Deal desk fee would be adjusted in Booking Amount
Allotment Letter 3 - 7 Days Up to 8% of house cost
  • Payment for Allotment letter
  • Booking Amount if adjusted in this amount
Agreement Letter 7 - 30 Days Up to 10% of house cost
  • Payment for Agreement letter
  • This would be the remaining 2% after having paid the 8% at the time of Allotment Letter.

You will need to make 10% of house cost payment on Zaasna platform.

* Recommended timeframe. This would vary from projects.

Deal Negotiation

A. If the Developer has made an offer to multiple buyers for the same apartment, whoever accepts the offer first gets to buy that unit. Or if multiple buyers have made similar offer for a unit, then the Developer may choose to accept any one offer. Other Buyers can then select other similar unit in the project and close on their desired price.

A. No. The Developer is obliged to sell the unit to you. However, there may be an exception where some other Buyer may have also accepted the same offer on the same unit simultaneously with you. In this case, the buyer making the payment towards the booking amount first would be honored. You may choose another unit and close it a desired price.

A. Yes. You are free to talk to / visit the Developers anytime you wish.

A. No. Once you have placed a bid and the Developer has agreed upon the same, You cannot renegotiate.

A. No. Zaasna doesn't allow this at this point of time.

A. Yes. This timeline varies from project to project depending on the demand for units. However, generally a buyer gets 3 days to respond to an offer from Developer. Though re-negotiation can be started with Developer after expiry of the offer.

Please note that Zaasna imposes a 21-day limit to negotiations on the platform. In case a transaction is not closed with this limit, Zaasna aborts the transaction and refunds the fees to the buyer. In case the buyer wishes to take more time, they can re-start the process all over again.

A. Yes. Zaasna imposes a 21-day limit to negotiations on the platform. In case a transaction is not closed with this limit, Zaasna aborts the transaction and refunds the fees to the buyer. In case the buyer wishes to take more time, they can re-start the process all over again.

A. Buyer can negotiate on up to maximum 5 houses of same or across max 3 projects at the same time.

Zaasna First

A. Deal desk enables you to negotiate on a house in a property directly with Developer at a desired price. Zaasna First on the other hand gets you the soft launch/pre launch prices for you to book on. Zaasna First prices are the lowest, hence these cannot be negotiated on the deal desk.

A. Yes. This helps the Buyer to lock a better price especially in a scenario where there are multiple buyers blocking at best prices in the pre-launch stage or during specific campaigns.

A. Zaasna First fee varies with project to project. Please note that this fee would be adjusted toward your booking amount if you make a transaction. This fee is adjustable but not refundable.

A. No, Zaasna First fee for entry to campaign is NON refundable.

Registration and Personal Details

A. Only you can see your personal data. It will be visible to the Developer only when you are signing documents like booking form, allotment letter and sale agreement.

A. Identity Proof like PAN Card and any valid address proof like Passport, Aadhar, Driving License, Permanent Driving License, Latest Utility Bills, Rental or Lease Agreement, Bank or Post Office passbook and Election ID.

This is as per RBI circulate RBI/ 2008-2009/72 DBOD. AML. BC. No. 12 /14 .01.001/2008-09.

A. This is because of the KYC norms that need to be fulfilled in property transactions.

A. Zaasna implements two-way SSL encryption. Also, we adhere to GDPR guidelines to protect the personal data of our buyer. Further details are provided in the Privacy Policy of Zaasna.

A. You need to call Zaasna buyer service or send an email to hello@zaasna.com to request for a "Deactivation".

A. You can click Forgot Password link from login screen if you do not remember your password.

A. No, you can not create multiple accounts. This is to safeguard your interest at Zaasna.

A. Please check the format used for uploading the document. We support PDF, JPG and PNG format. Please restrict size of document to less than 2 MB. If you are still unable to upload your document, please get in touch with buyer care.